KC Dental: Affordable Dental Implants  

Many people who wear dentures suffer from ill-fitting dentures making eating and talking difficult and painful. With the advances of modern dentistry, we can offer an alternative to traditional denture by combining implants and dentures. With Snap-On dentures, you can get more comfortable and natural results than with traditional dentures- all without sacrificing on quality. Your denture can be secured with using as few as two implants.

Being able to use fewer implants is not only more cost effective, but also shortens healing time making the process of getting your snap on smile much quicker. With snap in denture stabilization you get the support you need to help keep your denture stay in place while still being able to remove the denture so it can be properly cleaned and cared for.

Since the implant is placed in your jawbone like an actual tooth root, they prevent bone lost and facial collapse. While they won�t be as stable as using a full set of implants, it does mean no more worries bout your denture slipping around or falling out.

Currently, we are offering complimentary evaluation with our doctors to see if affordable dental implants can work for you. Call us today!

See how Mini-Implants work: Patient Brochure


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