KC Dental: Offering a Full Range of Quality Dental Services  

Lead by Dr. Kyleen Chen, our staff dental professional is dedicated to providing quality dental care and education to all of our patients. With a combined experience of over 40 years in dental field, our staff is ready to answer any questions you have regarding your dental health and treatment. Our team is passionate about educating our patient on the importance of good oral hygiene and how to maintain your smile at home. In recent years, Dr. Chen has furthered her education through attending and completing additional trainings in the areas of cosmetic, endodontic, and implant dentistry. .

At KC Dental, our staff is highly educated, experienced and has the tools, technique and technology to improve your smile... easily and comfortably.


Some of the services we provide:

- Family dentistry (Children always welcome!)

- Diagnostic - digital Xrays

- Preventative -cleaning

- Restorative - fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures

- Periodontics - See our "Periodontics" page

- Endodontics - root canal treatment

- Braces - See our "Braces" page

- Oral Surgeries - extractions (including wisdom teeth)

- Cosmetics - See our "Cosmetics" page

- Invisalign - See our "Invisalign" Page

- Implant Restoration

- Mini Implant - See our "Mini Implant" page